Google AI: Rethinking your ranking tactics

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Tuesday 2nd July, 1pm

Google AI: Rethinking your ranking tactics

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Imogen Groome

Content SEO Lead at Skittle Digital

Imogen has worked in SEO since 2016. She helped to define SEO strategy at before guiding the newsroom at The Sun Online as SEO Editor.

She has 8 years of experience in scaling content strategies that drive revenue for brands through organic search channels.

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Test your Ai knowledge

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Google has launched an experimental feature which generates an AI-powered response for certain search queries. 

It was called SGE, or Search Generative Experience, when it was being tested in Search Labs. In May 2024, Google revealed that AIO – or AI Overviews – was going to be rolled out to everyone in the US, with ‘more countries coming soon’. 

Some searches that people make will trigger the AIO response. A summary of the answer will be provided just below the search bar, with further sources provided. Underneath the summary, the search results will display as usual. 

When Google SGE was in testing, it received criticism from the SEO community due to issues such as plagiarism and citing pure spam. Once AIO was launched in the US, the concerns continued – especially because YMYL (your money your life) queries were triggering inaccurate and potentially harmful responses.

Google has since switched off AIO for certain queries. 

Those who are signed up for Google Search Labs may be eligible to have AI results appear for their queries. Generally speaking, users must be logged into their Google accounts to receive these generative summaries. As Google AIO is rolled out across more territories, the situation may change. 

Nothing special is needed to turn the feature on – it will appear automatically for certain search queries. 

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