16 content types which are designed to attract backlinks

link bait

‘Link bait’ sounds like a bad thing – after all, the similarly-sounding term ‘click bait’ is designed to get people to click onto a page by luring them in with provocatively structured content.  

However, link bait is a desirable type of content to create if you are formulating a digital PR campaign. Instead of luring people onto a page for the sake of getting clicks, you are creating high-value content that is so good, people will naturally want to link back to it. 

Coming up with ideas for link bait can take time, so to help accelerate the process we are sharing our top 16 content types which are designed to attract backlinks. 


It can be difficult to communicate complex information or data, so turning it into an infographic means there is one visually impactful piece of imagery which is both engaging and easy to digest. 

Many people will be more likely to look at a visual display than wade through swathes of text, especially because it takes less time to do so. Therefore, if you want to create a highly shareable piece of content, get a graphic designer involved. 

Here are some of the most common infographic types. For example, a car insurance company could produce the following: 

1-Survey data 

Driver safety survey: Findings from a survey about driving behaviours and attitudes towards safety, such as seatbelt usage, distracted driving and more 


What to do after an accident: Guide policy holders through the post-accident process, including reporting the incident, filing a claim and getting the car repaired 

3-Statistics and data 

Car accident statistics by city: Reveal the accident rates, insurance premiums and other relevant data per UK city to help drivers make informed decisions 


Types of car insurance coverage: Compare various types e.g., liability, comprehensive, collision using metrics such as cost, benefits and suitability 


How car insurance premiums are calculated: Describe the factors influencing insurance premiums such as age, location and driving history 


8 tips for lowering car insurance premiums: A list of practical tips and strategies for drivers to reduce their insurance costs while maintaining adequate coverage 

Once your infographic is ready, reach out to relevant publications asking if they would be interested in publishing it. You can suggest an existing page on their site that would be complemented by the graphic or send it for consideration in future content creation. 

Ensure you either request a mention via dofollow backlink in the accompanying text or suggest that the infographic is linked to via relevant anchor text, directing the user to the page on your site which is hosting the image. 

Interactive tools 

Getting people involved with your site by using an interactive tool is a great way to encourage backlinks. What’s more, there are plenty of ideas which can be built on regardless of industry. For example, a law firm could develop the following: 


Creating a legal research tool which allows users to search for relevant case law, statutes and regulations according to keywords or legal topics.  


A personal injury compensation calculator to figure out how much people could be entitled to in settlement based on factors such as place of injury, whereabouts on the body and severity. 


A tool which assists users with generating customised estate planning documents based on their preferences and needs. 


An interactive checklist guiding individuals through the divorce process, providing information on necessary documents and key decisions to make. 

11-Cheat sheets 

An intellectual property cheat sheet summarizing key concepts and considerations relating to rights, trademarks, copyrights and patents. 

Free templates and downloads 

Taking the time to create a high-value resource for users can pay dividends when it comes to backlinks. The more effort you put into the template or download, the higher the potential domain authority of the referring site – for example, a free social media template download may be linked to by a niche industry site, while an eBook packed with statistics will be a valuable resource for journalists to link to on mainstream news publications. 

Finance companies, for example, can create the following types of free templates and downloads: 


Budget templates: These will help individuals and families to manage their finances effectively. They can be offered in multiple formats, such as Excel, Word, Google Sheets and PDF. 


Financial planning worksheets: People can work on specific goals such as investment targets, debt repayment strategies and retirement planning.  


Tax planning guides: People can download a PDF with information, checklists and worksheets to help them prepare for tax season and maximise their deductions. 


Financial glossaries: A downloadable glossary providing information on common financial terms and concepts in simple language, for people to digest in their own time. 


Financial habits in 2023: An eBook which pulls together original research on how the firm’s customers approach their finances. 

Need help with link bait? 

If you’re not sure how to come up with a link bait campaign, or you don’t have the resource to create these content types, get in touch with us today and find out how we can help. 

We also offer Free Acquisitions Workshops, where you gain insight into valuable ways to improve your backlink profile, receive expert advice and resources, and your very own personalised action plan tailored to your concerns. Book today to avoid disappointment!


Imogen Groome

Content Lead

Imogen is the SEO Content Lead at Skittle Digital. Imogen has worked in SEO since 2016. She helped to define SEO strategy at Metro.co.uk before guiding the newsroom at The Sun Online as SEO Editor. She has more than 5 years’ experience in scaling content strategies that drive revenue for brands through organic search channels. In her spare time, Imogen writes books, watches poor-quality reality TV and hangs out with her cats.

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