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What we offer. 

Explore our services to find the perfect fit.

Competitor research

Discover competitor keywords and overall market positioning to optimise your own campaigns.

Platform selection

Find out which advertising platforms are most suitable for your business, ensuring optimal reach and ROI.

Audience segmentation

We divide your audience into distinct groups, allowing for personalized messaging that truly resonates.

Ad creative services

Benefit from visually compelling ads, combining copy, graphics and video to drive CTR

Conversion tracking

Access in-depth user action analysis and iterative testing results to ensure your campaigns are continually improved upon.

Media bid optimization

We strategically manage bids based on real-time data to achieve the best possible ROI.

Customised reporting

Stay informed with regular, customised reports which provide detailed performance insights and help with decision-making.

Landing page optimisation

Improve the likelihood of conversion with regular A/B testing, technical optimization and content refinement.

Remarketing strategy

Capture traffic which has shown interest before with personalized ads, encouraging a return to the sales funnel.

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Combining people with data.

We believe all PPC campaigns need to combine people with data. What does that mean? We balance a data-driven approach with messaging that makes a genuine impact. It’s easy to get lost in analytics platforms and forget about the people you’re delivering ads to. We’re focused on ensuring each paid social campaign is meticulously tracked and optimised by data specialists. Our creative team works in tandem, building on audience segmentation data to build eye-catching, memorable campaigns.

Joining forces.

Paid social can work well in isolation, but there’s more to marketing than a singular stream. We’ll show you how to unify paid social with PPC, digital PR, SEO and more. Your audience seeks a cohesive brand with consistent messaging at every touchpoint. By drawing on some or all of our services in varying degrees, you’ll achieve this goal. 

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Lifting the veil.

You may not have known how previous agencies worked – but all that is about to change. One of our core values is transparency. This means we won’t keep our methods secret. We want a true partnership with you, where we learn and grow together. What’s more, you can supercharge your learning by joining us at The Skittle Academy. Sign up today to avoid disappointment – we only have two intakes a year.

Championing accessibility.

Our top priority is accessibility. We don’t want people to feel excluded from our campaigns. What does an inclusive approach mean in practice? Optimising landing pages with assistive technologies. Providing alternative formats. Catering to a diverse demographic during segmentation. And much more….

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Fans of flexibility.

You may want more time spent on paid social initially, then decide to branch out to PPC. Perhaps you’re coming over to our paid social team after we’ve delivered some digital PR campaigns. However, your journey with us unfolds, we want your hours to remain flexible. You’ll never be tied into one marketing stream – you can mix and match with our model. 

The Skittle Spyglass. 

Imagine if you could tell the future? Well, with the Skittle Spyglass, you (almost) can. Our bespoke in-house forecasting tool will predict the ROI of your upcoming paid social campaign. We’ll use it during your free workshop and bring it back throughout your time with us.

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Sharing our thoughts. 

Interested in Instagram? Fascinated with Facebook? Love browsing LinkedIn? Our paid social team is always chatting about the industry, and we regularly share our insights. Fortunately for you, we’ve packed all of our best bits into our dedicated newsletter. Want a sneak peek? Check out our knowledge centre to find out what we’re talking about. 

Is Paid Social right for you? 

You may love the idea of paid social – but is it the right fit for your business? That’s the question we aim to answer in your free acquisitions workshop. Using the Skittle Spyglass, we’ll give you an honest verdict on which marketing stream will impact your bottom line the most. From there, we’ll work with you to create a plan which will drive the highest ROI possible. 

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