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What we offer. 

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PPC audit

Understand your efforts to date, reduce spend and find opportunities for growth.

Competitor analysis

Identify strengths and weaknesses, leveraging insights to enhance your campaigns.

Landing page optimization

Draw on A/B testing, UX optimisation and more to improve your conversion rates

Ad copy & creative testing

Explore how continual testing of creative elements enhances your CTR and overall performance.

Google Ads

Expert day-to-day campaign oversight for when you lack the time and resources to handle it.

Microsoft Ads

Extend your reach with Bing, benefiting from lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA) than Google Ads

Remarketing & retargeting

Bring back your lost traffic with campaigns designed to increase conversion rates and reduce CPA.

Display & programmatic advertising

Reach the right audience at the right time with eye-catching ads focused on enhancing profitability.

Local PPC

Target specific users and drive local foot traffic to your physical locations.

PPC Testing

PPC focused on continual testing.

We take a proactive approach to PPC campaign management. It isn’t enough to leave a campaign running, sit back and relax. We’re constantly working to test and improve performance, maximising profitability. Each campaign is clearly defined and focused on tangible results. We want you to see an impressive ROI that can be consistently built on.

A holistic approach.

PPC works seamlessly with your other marketing campaigns. We won’t ever promote PPC over SEO, social, content or digital PR. Instead, we work holistically and draw on PPC where it’s relevant. Each campaign works without silos, unifying the bigger picture.

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Stay in the know.

We don’t believe in working behind closed doors. Our goal is to keep you informed, so you know exactly what we’re doing. Each step we take will be fully visible, and we will explain our rationale every time. If you want to supercharge your PPC knowledge, join us at The Skittle Academy. Book ahead to reserve your space – we only take new students twice a year.

Driving accessibility.

We don’t want to limit our campaign reach. Our PPC campaigns utilise inclusive strategies to drive accessibility. We optimise for voice queries. We include descriptive alt text. We consider different learning styles. We test colour contrast and text legibility. Want to find out more?

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Mix and match.

You may sign up for PPC services, then decide you want to explore SEO. Perhaps you’ve been working with our content team, and now you’re ready for PPC. Whatever your journey, we want to facilitate it. That’s why our flexible, hours-based model allows you to use all our services. We’ll work with you to create your own, tailored blend of performance marketing strategy.

The Skittle Spyglass. 

Our unique, in-house forecasting tool quickly identifies the fastest path to profitability. You’ll see it in action during your free acquisitions workshop as it delivers an optimised plan. We’ll use it regularly during our time with you to ensure we impact your bottom line immediately.

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Sharing our thoughts. 

Simply put, we live and breathe PPC. Trawling through endless news is time-consuming, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Our newsletter provides a tailored feed of exclusive industry insights. Want a sneak peek of what we’ll send you? Check out our knowledge centre.

Is PPC right for you? 

PPC can lead to impressive results, but it isn’t right for everyone. We’re not in the habit of selling services that won’t work for you. That’s why we start off with your free acquisitions workshop. We’ll provide our recommendation for where your investment should go. You may be surprised by what we’ve got to say!

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