Environmental Policy.

This policy outlines Skittle Digital’s commitment to minimising the impact of office-based activities.

Our commitment

Skittle Digital is committed to integrating environmental best practice into all our business activities. We accept our environmental responsibilities and recognise our obligation to reduce the impact of our business activities on the environment. Skittle Digital will achieve this through a policy of continual improvement in environmental performance. Skittle Digital will ensure that:

  • Significant risks to the environment associated with office-based activities are assessed and minimised. Furthermore, Skittle Digital will attempt to minimise its overall impact on the environment however we can.
  • Provide suitable and sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to employees regarding impacts on the environment.
  • Employees will make proper use of any equipment and systems of work provided. Skittle Digital will also take all reasonable steps to ensure that control measures are properly used.
  • Adequate arrangements are in place to deal with accidents and emergencies related to contamination, spillages or other adverse environmental effects.

Our procedure

The HR Team will;

  • Compile an inventory of all hazardous substances in our offices that could be released into the environment.
  • Identify operations that use significant energy with a view to reducing consumption.
  • Identify streams where energy is being wasted with a view to recycling and or reusing where necessary.
  • Review staff travelling arrangements with a view to encouraging car-sharing, use of public transport, cycling and working from home where practicable.
  • Ensure that any control measures in place are adequately maintained, examined and tested by a qualified professional.
  • Ensure that our employees are aware of arrangements and procedures in place in all of our offices to deal with accidents, incidents, spillages and emergencies.
  • Put supervisions in place to ensure that our employees properly use control measures.
  • Identify operations that use resources such as paper, and review the need for the current level of consumption and identify savings where possible.

V11.0 Last Reviewed: Feb 2022 Reviewed By: Simon Gripton