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What we offer. 

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Media outreach

Distributing press releases to journalists to secure high-quality backlinks.

Content creation

Creating shareable content which is optimised for SEO.

Influencer partnerships

Partnering with relevant influencers to coordinate sponsored content.

Competitor analysis

Auditing competitor backlink profiles to identify link building opportunities.

Local SEO and citations

Optimising local business listings and building citations to enhance visibility.

Link audits

Disavowing toxic links, ensuring compliance and cleaning up spam.

Custom reporting

Detailed reports on link-building efforts, adjusting strategies to optimise ROI.

Broken link building

Identifying broken links and conducting outreach to fix them.

Guest posting

Creating high-quality content on third-party sites to establish authority.

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Data-driven storytelling.

Digital PR & link building are valuable SEO strategies. That’s why we take it seriously, leveraging our expertise to tell stories with data. We’ll get to know your business inside out, exploring opportunities for shareable content. Our mission is simple – we won’t stop until we’ve built high-quality, authoritative links. What’s more, we’ll keep you informed about how our efforts are contributing to profitability.

Part of the bigger picture.

When it comes to marketing strategy, you need multiple streams on the go. That’s why digital PR is just part of the bigger picture. We recognise the importance of combining services for maximum impact. When you’re working with us, you’ll be able to mix and match link building with paid social, content marketing, PPC and much more.

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No more silos.

Digital PR can feel like a mystery – but you’ll know exactly what’s happening with us. We remain fully transparent about what we’re doing, educating you along the way. If you have a particular thirst for knowledge, The Skittle Academy is here to help. We’ll teach you and your team everything you need to know about link building. Twice a year, we take on new recruits – sign up now to register your interest.

Fully accessible. Fully inclusive.

We pride ourselves on making our digital PR and link building fully accessible. Our priority is ensuring strategies are accessible to a broad audience. All of our content comes in accessible formats. It’s localised where appropriate to maximise cultural relevancy. We choose influencer partnerships which contribute to a more inclusive digital space. Curious to know more? Read about our accessibility values below.

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We’re flexible.

Digital PR is just the beginning. Perhaps you’ll take a shine to our paid social services after a few months. You may already be working with our PPC team, and decide to weave in some link building campaigns. However you decide to move forwards, we’re flexible. Our hours model allows you to create your own bespoke blend of marketing services. Every business is different, which is why our hours planning with you is fully malleable.

The Skittle Spyglass. 

We’re proud to use The Skittle Spyglass to help our clients predict their profitability. Our bespoke tool, created in-house, expertly forecasts the ROI of your upcoming digital PR campaign. What’s more, you can try it out for free in your acquisitions workshop.

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Newsletter and 
knowledge centre.

Digital PR can feel like a complex beast – which is why we want to help. We’ve simplified your learning curve by leveraging our expert insights and putting them all in one convenient space. Sign up to our newsletter to get a regular digest of specialised commentary, designed to serve your industry. Want a sneak peek before you commit? We get it. Check out our knowledge centre to see what we’ve been talking about.

Is Digital PR and link building right for you?

Digital PR can be a powerful tool, but is it the right move for your business? When we explore opportunities with you, we’ll recommend the most profitable blend of marketing services. Focusing on link building may be the right choice – but another route could lead to a better ROI. Ready to start an open and transparent conversation?

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