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What we offer. 

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Social media strategy

Target audience analysis, benchmarking and strategy aligned with marketing goals.

Content calendar management

Developing content schedules to ensure consistency, variety and effective performance testing.

Competitor analysis

Identifying competitor strengths and weaknesses; setting benchmarks for superior visibility.

Social profile optimisation

Optimising social profile elements for branding and visibility, utilising best practices. 

Community engagement

Building relationships and promoting audience activity with comments, contests, polls and more.

Social listening

Monitoring and analysing online conversations. Identifying key opportunities. 

Influencer partnerships

Identifying and collaborating with key influencers to boost reach and audience engagement. 

Hashtag campaigns

Leveraging specific hashtags to increase visibility and set trends on social.

Analytics and reporting

Providing regular reports on key metrics, along with insights and optimisation recommendations. 

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Innovative content.
Data-driven decisions.

Organic social media needs to boost brand awareness and keep your audience engaged. That’s why we go the extra mile to create innovative content that informs, excites and entertains. By creating interactive experiences rooted in immersive storytelling, we ensure you stand out in a crowded landscape. Whether you want increased engagement, a larger audience or an uplift in brand sentiment, we will track your KPIs and consistently make data-driven decisions. We don’t set up analytics platforms and push out content at random. We continually test and improve based on performance, to ensure your ROI is maximised.

Choose your blend.

We’re proud to offer organic social as a standalone service. The good news is that it can be blended with any of our other marketing streams. If you want to fast-track your success by mixing organic social with content marketing, PPC, digital PR or all of the above, just let us know. We’ll design our services to fit around you.

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Never be left guessing.

We’ll have an open conversation with you throughout your journey with us. You’ll never be left guessing at what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, or how it will impact your bottom line. Our focus is on sharing information in a transparent manner and educating where necessary. If you’re especially hungry for knowledge, we’re ready to help. Our virtual learning platform is designed to accelerate your learning. The Skittle Academy is taking on new recruits twice a year. Register your interest below.

Let more people join the conversation.

Organic social is about more than eye-catching content and great community discussions. Ensuring each campaign is fully inclusive and accessible lets more people join the conversation. Social accessibility audits. Optimising content for screen readers and other assistive technologies.  These are just a few examples of the ways we ensure you’re welcoming as many people as possible. 

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Bring it in.

We’re always open to discussion. If you want to ramp up your organic social stream, fantastic! If you’d prefer to turn it down and try some PPC as well, that’s great! Whether you want to bring it in or phase it out, we’ll never keep you locked into a rigid hours plan.

The Skittle Spyglass. 

You may love social media, but you probably also love results. Fortunately, we know how to provide both – even before we’ve started working with you. That’s because The Skittle Spyglass will predict your forecasted ROI in our free workshop. Our unique tool, created in-house, is focused on one goal – helping you drive profit.

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We’re social, on social.

Curious about organic social? Want to know how it will impact your business? Sign up for regular emails with nothing but the best thought leadership, specially curated for your industry. Follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram – we’re social on social! Want a quick look at what we’ve got to say? Navigate to our knowledge centre and check us out.

Is organic social right for you?

Your business may be ready to rocket to social stardom. However, you could also find out that a different marketing stream is better suited to you. That’s why we offer free acquisitions workshops – to figure out what the most profitable way forwards is. Our no-obligation timeslot ensure you walk away with a bespoke marketing plan, free of charge. What could be better?

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