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What we offer. 

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Content strategy

Market research. Competitor analysis. Persona creation. All aligned with business goals.

Content creation

High-quality copy, infographics, podcasts and more.

SEO-optimised content

Keyword research. On and off-page strategy. Strategic planning.

Social media content marketing

Tailored content for social platforms. Consistency. Creativity. Strategy.

Email marketing

Compelling email copy designed to nurture leads and retain customers.

Content amplification

Distribution plans focused on enhancing reach and maximising ROI.

Performance analytics

Measuring content performance, analysing KPIs and adjusting strategy accordingly.

Content audits

Identifying content decay, duplicate content and more. Implementing the fixes that matter.

Content development

Developing interactive content to increase engagement. Utilising gamification.

Content localisation

Adapting content for different markets. Driving brand consistency for diverse audiences.

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Content, but make it business.

We can all write content, but how do we know it’s resonating with our audience? At Skittle, we don’t just push out content to tick boxes. We believe all creative output should be tied to business goals and tracked with distinct KPIs. With a wealth of analytics tools at our fingertips, it’s vital to use these resources smartly. We blend creativity with business to ensure all our content is working to move your bottom line.

Pick your mix.

Good content is useless if it stays buried. Our content marketing stream is designed to work seamlessly with our other services. Try blending content with digital PR to boost your backlink profile. Mix it with PPC to bring in new leads and drive conversions. The choice is yours.

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Level up.

Our clients are our partners. That’s why our core values are transparency and education. We work with you to create content strategies you’re excited about. Our decision-making rationale is always explained, so you don’t feel confused or left in the dark. We’re here to level up your education, which is why we launched The Skittle Academy. Supercharge your learning with our convenient virtual platform. Register below for more details.

Content that works for everyone.

Content marketing is a powerful tool – but it’s even better when it works for everyone. We’re proud to champion inclusive, accessible approaches to our creative strategy. What does this mean in practice? Multiple content formats. Inclusive language. Diverse audience personas. Readable fonts and colours. Accessibility testing. And much more…

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Your hours. Your choice.

Marketing is all about being flexible. Continually testing. Optimising for success. Once your content marketing is on the right path, you may want to bring in some PPC campaigns. Perhaps you’ve started out with paid social, and now you’re ready for email marketing. When you work with us, we’ll never tie you in to a rigid service plan with pre-allocated hours. They’re your hours, so it’s your choice. Always.

The Skittle Spyglass. 

Ready for content, but hesitant about whether it’ll result in a decent ROI? Never fear – The Skittle Spyglass is here! Our sophisticated, in-house tool analyses several metrics to calculate your predicted profitability over time – giving you peace of mind. Want to know more?

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Content about content.

We’re going meta and creating content about content. Supercharge your learning with our newsletter, which combines the best teachings from our expert team and applies them to your industry. Get a sneak peek before signing up by checking out our knowledge centre.

Is content marketing right for you?

Content marketing might be the perfect fit for you – but let’s make sure. Every business is different. For example, you may be better suited to PPC or paid social if you want to work at a different pace. Our free acquisitions workshop is designed to give you a tailored plan of action, based on the marketing streams we think will help you the most.

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