New for Google Ads: Automatic Performance Reports

new ppc tools google ads
  • New Google Ads feature makes reporting automation easier for “non-power users”
  • Reports will summarise performance against top-level business goals
  • Simple management tasks will be easier to automate using new tool
  • However, current Solutions Library will be phased out

New Solutions tool now live in Google Ads

Google has introduced a new feature to its Ads platform designed to streamline the management of tasks and make reporting easier.

Named “Solutions”, and not to be confused with the existing Solutions Library, it is readily available for free within Google Ads under the Tools section. It allows users to efficiently generate reports illustrating campaign performance relative to broadly defined business goals, and to automate routine management tasks.

The new Solutions tool promises to improve productivity by making it easier for non-power users to leverage data and insights:

  • Easy data filtration by campaign, ad group, keyword & more
  • Flexible budget allocation
  • Centralised management of negative keyword list(s)
  • Enhanced column sorting options
  • Easy export for further processing


At the same time, Google has announced plans to phase out the current Solutions Library in near future.

What does this mean for PPC power-players?

Whilst Google promises the new Solutions will make things easier, the retirement plan for the Solution Library isn’t yet clear. Whilst the ability to use custom scripts within your campaigns is far from over, if Google remove the documentation in the Solutions Library, this may create a skill gap where newer Ads managers have a steeper learning curve regards using scripts for automation.

Time will tell if Google Ads professionals using Google’s existing bank of scripts and tools from the Solutions Library day-to-day will find it easier to use the new Solutions tool, or if there is more of a transition to 3rd party or homebrew options.


James Newhouse

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