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Finding the right SEO content creators can be difficult. While a writer’s portfolio can be examined ahead of hiring them, there will be more to the process than the content they can create. So how do you know that your creator is up to the task? 

There are a number of traits which effective writers must possess in order to research, create and manage SEO-focused content which will perform well in the SERPs.  

What’s more, it’s a common misconception that the role is restricted to writing a blog and hitting publish.  

Ultimately, SEO content strategy is a data-driven process and creators must be able to monitor and fine-tune their work to ensure it performs consistently over time. 

Here are the top 5 qualities we believe high-quality SEO content creators should have. 

1. Adaptability 

Many people still believe that SEO content is meant to be formulaic, wooden and robot-like in order to serve algorithms and meet the expectations of search engines. The reality is that creating good SEO content means writing for people first. 

Just like you would write a billboard ad, expecting people to see it as they walk past in the street, you should write SEO content expecting that people will find it and read it on a regular basis. 

It’s been a long time since SEO was about stuffing keywords into headings, meta description boxes and main body copy in order to force URLs to the top of the SERPs.  

With the way search engine algorithms operate now, any content which is robotic or wooden will either be deprioritised or not rank at all. 

Instead, SEO content writers need to be capable of writing multiple types of content that will serve the needs of the people looking for it.  

For example, one day they may be asked to write a blog which serves users at the top of the funnel, and the next day they may need to create an educational resource that pulls together research in order to promote it for a digital PR campaign.  

They may also need to write up comprehensive guides, write scripts for videos and produce product or service pages which must weave in marketing copy in order to promote the brand.  

Creating content at this level requires more than filling a webpage with copy that has keywords inserted at regular intervals. 

2. Originality 

Anyone can write, but that doesn’t mean they can write well. Once a content creator has spent years in the field developing their portfolio, they will be well-versed in the art of creating original content that has their personal signature on it.  

The best content creators will be recognisable from the moment that someone starts reading, and the best way to brand build is to have an SEO content hub which people immediately relate to, warm to and engage with.  

This is the best way to ensure you will get repeat traffic from the same people who will move down the funnel and eventually convert. 

Google recognises the power of originality, mentioning it as a core metric within their EEAT criteria. With the emergence of AI and tools such as ChatGPT levelling the playing field for people who have begun pumping out similar-looking content at scale, Google has upped the ante in turn and now prioritises content which is original, insightful and provides knowledge that wouldn’t be easily found anywhere else.  

In other words, find an SEO content creator who can put their own stamp on their work – as opposed to finding some articles online and rewording them. 

3. Patience and perseverance 

Anyone who says that SEO should be a quick solution is simply wrong – and if they are looking for a quick way to get their content to the top of Google then PPC may be a better option for them.  

The reality is that SEO takes time to grow and needs to be tended to like a garden. While there are ways to speed up specific SEO processes like site crawls, such as optimising and re-submitting an XML sitemap, the trajectory of improvement for SEO content campaigns can be anywhere between one month and a few years. 

What’s more, it’s an ongoing effort, as content will decay, search intent can change, competitors can bring in new curveballs and a backlink profile should be consistently worked on.  

That means that SEO content writers need to be patient about when they will see the fruits of their labour, as well as proactively looking at ways to improve results when they don’t quite go to plan. 

4. Highly communicative 

SEO content creators are writing words that need to resonate with target audiences, so it’s important for them to know how to communicate well on multiple levels.  

Creators should be naturally adept at not just writing good content, but also communicating with colleagues and internal stakeholders on a level where everyone is on the same page and fully understands the concepts being discussed. 

Most importantly, communication skills will translate onto content pages in that poorly communicated content will not have good readability scores, will jump around between various unrelated points and potentially leave the reader feeling confused.  

On the other hand, well communicated content will take the reader by the hand and lead them on a cohesive journey from start to finish, teaching them valuable insights along the way. The reader will be left feeling positive and ready to act, whether it’s making a purchase, sending an enquiry or sharing the content with family and friends. 

5. Data-driven 

The world of SEO relies on data gathering and analysis. No piece of content should be written just because competitors have done so, for example.  

While competitor analysis is an important part of the research process, it’s important to analyse where the keyword volumes are and if a piece of content will actually bring in converting traffic. 

What’s more, the content journey doesn’t end once a page has gone live. Creators need to dig into their analytics tools and find out if content is actually performing – then take action if it is not 

Being able to harness data and use it to their advantage is a key skill which is required in the world of content SEO. 

Need help with SEO content? 

If your SEO content is stuck in a rut and you feel lost at the thought of finding someone to fix it, then drop us a line and we will see what we can do to help. 

Or book into a Free Acquisitions Workshop to evaluate how your content is currently performing, receive expert advice, and a tailored action plan to give your SEO content a much-needed boost. 


Imogen Groome

Content Lead

Imogen is the SEO Content Lead at Skittle Digital. Imogen has worked in SEO since 2016. She helped to define SEO strategy at Metro.co.uk before guiding the newsroom at The Sun Online as SEO Editor. She has more than 5 years’ experience in scaling content strategies that drive revenue for brands through organic search channels. In her spare time, Imogen writes books, watches poor-quality reality TV and hangs out with her cats.

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