New rich results in Google SERPs for retailers

new google serps features for shopping and retailers
  • In order to comply with the EU’s new Digital Markets Act, Google adds new search features
  • Rich results enhanced to include carousels and aggregator links
  • Shopping experiences to be improved


New search features are soon to be introduced, set to enhance the shopping experience for users in the EU, Google announced in a blog post this month.

These updates come as part of Google’s efforts to comply with the new European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), a legislative initiative aimed at fostering fair competition in the search space.

Among the notable enhancements is a visually engaging carousel-style interface for shopping queries like designed to provide users with quick access to product information, prices, and ratings from sites leveraging the right structured data. This feature will be tested first in Germany, France then Czechia, before hitting the UK.

Additionally, Google is incorporating dedicated ‘aggregator units’ within search results, offering direct links to prominent aggregator sites relevant to the user’s search. This feature aims to streamline the shopping process by presenting users with a curated selection from trusted sources.

In line with these changes, Google is also introducing refinement chips, empowering users to fine-tune their search results according to specific preferences and criteria.

While enhancements will be tested across shopping-related queries, Google is also set to use these features across travel, flight and job sites.

This move underscores Google’s continuing commitment to enhancing the overall search experience for EEA users while adhering to regulatory mandates outlined in the DMA, as well as an presenting an opportunity for online retailers to benefit from increased visibility by implementing the right structure data.


James Newhouse

Agency Lead

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